NPK 12-3-3

Product Description:

* This organic fertilizer product is used advanced biological fermentation technology, with pure grains to brew and spray granulation.

* This product of organic fertilizer not only contains nitrogen, organic matter and other nutrients,

but also rich in sulfur, humic acid & fulvic acid, amino acids and other organic matter, is one of the best environmental protection fertilizer for green pollution-free agricultural .

* This organic fertilizer product is especially suitable for all kinds of crops in alkaline soil.

* It can improve yield and quality of crops, improve soil structure, enhance the absorption efficiency of fertilizer, ease environmental pollution



Black Granules



Organic Matter


Amino Acid


Humic Acid





2% Max

PH Value



The nutrient of N.P.K and trace element can enhance crop grow healthily, improve production, prevent effectively and decrease physiology plant diseases, decrease pesticide use.

The compound of organic and inorganic can advance the utilization rate of fertilizer, decrease production cost, and improve income."

The fertilizer has a stable function and can reduce environmental pollution.

Benefits to the Soil

* Improves soil structure making it more friable.

* Increases water-holding capacity of the soil

* Promotes soil microbes activities

* Improves soil aeration.

* Prevents caking (hardpan) of soils.

* Reduces soil erosion.

* Speeds up decomposition of poisons in the soils.

* Helps in balancing soil pH.

* Reduces toxicity of the soil

* Increases plant nutrition by supplying available trace elements.

* Increases retention and utilization of fertilizers and preventing leaching. 

Benefits to the Plant

* Increases seeds germination rates.

* Increases rate of photosynthesis.

* Produces stronger, faster growing seedlings.

* Increases total growth of plants and yield.

* Promotes root development.

* Increases plant resilience to water stress.

* Increase plant resistance to pest and diseases.

* Improves sugar content of fruits and vegetables.

Application field:

Well-balanced formulation applicable on crops , flowers, vegetables and fruits etc.



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